Building a Harpsichord

The Wood supply, where it all begins. Most of the harpsichord case comes from quarter-sawn poplar.

Poplar pieces planed and glued together to make top and bottom panels for the instrument.

The harpsichord case rough assembled to test fit the joints.

One harpsichord bent side being glued together. Several layers of thin poplar are glued and then pressed between two forms and clamped together. Looks like a large industrial caterpillar doesn't it?

Large and handy industrial vice. When all of the pieces of the case are fitted and ready for assembly they are glued and then sandwiched in this monster.

The liner (buried inside the clamps) which holds the soundboard is now being fitted, glued and clamped into place. View from the tail.

View from underside. Diagonal frame members installed on the bottom side of the liner.

Some harpsichords in a more advanced state of completion. Harpsichord in foreground has been soundboarded, soundboard painted and strung.

Some beautiful violins that are almost ready to emerge from the shop.
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