Cutting Boards
The space invaders cutting board idea is not mine, though I wish I had thought of it first. I found the design from this website . This cutting board is now available from various sellers like Think Geek.

Maple and purple heart ripped and glued together. These pieces will be crosscut and assembled in the final shape. Making this cutting board involves a surprising amount of math, and not just regular math -- "wood math".

Different patterns of strips will be crosscut and assembled into final shape.

Alien ships in drydock.

Space Invaders preparing for invasion.

Public Service Announcement: Oil your wood cutting boards! Mineral oil works well (from hardware or drugstore), is non-toxic and will not go rancid. Oiling your cutting boards prevents them from drying and cracking.

Shoemaker's son. I've made many cutting boards and given them all away. This is my cutting board. A hunk of slab sawn maple.
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